What can we expect from the new AppleTV

With all new technologies, everyday something or other is changing in the world of electronics. Like a lot of things have been changed in the TV world after the last AppleTV came out. Three years back when the TV came out there were very few competitors in the market. But today when the rumors are pointing that Apple is revamping the AppleTV with a new look and features.

A press event “Hey Siri, Give Us a Hint” is scheduled on September 9th (our live coverage page here) where everyone will be paying attention to the announcement on the next iPhone (iPhone 6s). It is expected that Apple will be announcing something about its new TV to be launched on which they are working very hard. We are not clear about the feature Apple will be adding to the new TV, but here are some rumors that can be considered and expected to come true.

Just like a smartphone, it is expected that Apple will include an open App Store and an updated SDK. If Apple brings a TV with an App Store, it will be an innovation in the world of TV in the market or the TV might end up as a smart phone. It can never be told what innovative can the developers do with the new launch. We hope to experience the best.

It is also heard that Apple had a plan of a deal with all major network channels that will create a way for the users to never switch their inputs and unplug their device. We went through the reports that shows that it was not easy for Apple to stiff-alarm the cable companies and the networks. There was a trouble that Apple faced and this has also delayed the launch of the TV.

It is expected that the AppleTV will have an updated UI as it is needed. the iOS7 that was present in the last TV could not change the interface which was little chunky. It is reported that the new TV will have iOS9 in it that will be giving a better and optimized UI for a bigger screen. Users are expecting Apple to improve on their interaction and navigation in the upcoming TV.

The A8 feature in the iPhone 6 will be added in the TV as well that will improve the gaming experience. Users will have best time playing games which is expected to be the most important and biggest emphasis on the TV. The reports have also told that the new TV will not support 4K video, which is a bit disappointing. But they might have thought something better.

Lastly, unlike the last TV remote that was very simple and had limited functionality, the new remote is expected to be better. Users want the new remote to have a great applications and use Siri that can make using TV to be easy and quick. The reports says that the remote will have physical buttons, Wii-esque motion detector and touch screen as well.

Lets hope to see the best we can in the new AppleTV to be launched soon. We can expect more good feature to be added on the TV so that it create wonders.

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