Welcome Orisa!

As we suspected earlier this week, Overwatch has gotten a new hero!

This time, it is in the form of a female tank. Orisa is the creation of the child genius Efi, in response to the attacks on Numbani. We have learned in the Orisa Origin Story, that the attacks on Numbani’s defense systems were prompted by Doomfist (another character that has been on many player’s radars).

Orisa’s name is a play on letters of the OR15 defense sentinels guarding Numbani. It is also exciting to see a female tank character amongst the ranks of heroes.  She will come with her own abilities that include barriers, enemy slowing discharges, and damage increases for nearby allies. For more information on full abilities check out the Overwatch Hero Page.

Additionally, below is Orisa’s Origin Story and a Developer Update!

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