Waze add’s support for Spotify

Everyone loves to groove to some awesome tunes while driving, so why not put the two together? Waze and Spotify have announced that they are teaming up together to do exactly that to make it easier to manage and enjoy music while you’re on the road. Both features will be accessible from each company’s respective app. In simpler terms, you can access Waze’s navigation features while you are using Spotify and listen to your playlist while you are using Waze from the app which will be powered by Spotify.

After you make a playlist in Spotify, the new feature will allow you to access that playlist from Waze and play it as well as giving you the ability to “easily” change songs on the go. The playlist will automatically start playing when you start driving and you can shuffle between the apps when the car is at a full stop. This new partnership comes as a surprise to many Considering Waze is owned by Google and Google already has its dedicated music playing/streaming service Google Play that is a competitor of Spotify. But the fact still remains that Spotify’s 50 million-strong subscriber base is far bigger than Google Play or any other music app.

This new partnership can probably for google to get new people to try out there navigation app Waze. In either case, this new team up between Waze and Spotify is a great idea for us consumers, especially for those people who like to listen to music while driving. Not having to take eyes of the road to skip a track can make driving a lot safer and if the integration of the apps is as good as it sounds we can expect this new feature to be very useful. As of now, only the Android version of these apps will be receiving this new feature. You can see what this feature will look like while running below:

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