[Updated] watchOS 2 and How to Update

To take advantage of its size and location on your wrist, Apple Watch was designed with its own unique operating system — watchOS. With watchOS 2, we’ve refined it. There are more faces to choose from. Faster, more powerful apps. Enhanced communication options. And innovative new ways to make your Apple Watch your own.


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New looks and uses for your watch face.

Your interaction with Apple Watch starts with the watch face. watchOS 2 gives you even more ways to make your watch face look and work exactly as you like.

New watch faces.

Time-Lapse. Choose from a selection of dazzling time-lapse videos shot over 24 hours in iconic locations around the world.

Photo. Pick a special image from the Photos app on your watch and set it as your watch face. And with the Live Photos feature, you’ll also see a beautiful animation of the motion before and after you took the photo.

More ways to customize your complications.

Complications are important pieces of information you can see right on your watch face, like Weather or World Clock. Now data from App Store apps can be complications, too. So you can easily check your United flight times or keep an eye on home devices — lights, thermostat, sensors, cameras — with Insteon. It’s just one more way to personalize your Apple Watch.

See your future with Time Travel.

With Time Travel, you can turn the Digital Crown to see what’s happening — and what’s already happened — yesterday, today, and tomorrow. You can see what the weather will be like for your lunch date in a few hours. Check your schedule for tomorrow. Or go back in time to catch up on news headlines you may have missed. A press of the Digital Crown gets you back to the current time.

Put your watch into Nightstand mode.

Now you can use your watch even when you’re done wearing it for the day. Just place it on its side and connect the charger. Apple Watch will automatically go into Nightstand mode, a digital display that illuminates whenever you touch the screen, the Digital Crown, or the side button. Nightstand mode even changes how the watch buttons function. When an alarm sounds, you press the side button to turn it off, or the Digital Crown to snooze.

Faster, more powerful apps.

watchOS 2 makes the experience of using Apple Watch apps richer and more engaging. Apps load faster, do more, and employ hardware features that make Apple Watch unique.

Apps run natively for better performance.

With watchOS 2, many apps are native apps, which means they run entirely on your Apple Watch. So they load more quickly and have even greater capabilities.

Do even more with apps.

Apps can now take advantage of features like the Taptic Engine, Digital Crown, accelerometer, heart rate sensor, speaker, and microphone. For example, the Ping app uses the accelerometer to measure the speed of your golf swing. Strava uses the heart rate sensor to gather and display data during workouts. And Insteon lets you use the Digital Crown to control your house lights.

Familiar apps with new functions.

Apple Watch gives you revolutionary new ways to keep in touch, express yourself, and manage your time. watchOS 2 deepens those capabilities, so you have interactions that are familiar, but with even more choices.

Reply to email.

Apple Watch already lets you receive email on your wrist. Now you can respond, too. Just tap Reply at the bottom of a message. Then dictate a response, send an emoji, or choose from a list of relevant, preset replies.

Add more friends.

The Friends feature on Apple Watch helps you keep your inner circle close. Now you can add multiple Friends screens, each of which can hold up to 12 contacts. And you can add a friend from your contacts directly on your watch. You can also use the Watch app on your iPhone to organize your friends into groups you name yourself.

Send more colorful sketches.

Digital Touch lets you draw and send sketches to other Apple Watch wearers. And now you can express yourself in multiple colors on the same canvas, so you can get more creative with your digital art.

Get transit information on your wrist.

When it comes to directions, Maps shows you the best route from your current location. Now Transit lets you combine more kinds of transportation in a single trip. In select cities around the world, you’ll see detailed maps and accurate train, subway, and bus schedules. And you can get walking directions to and from your stop.

Use more cards with Apple Pay.

Apple Pay lets you make credit card payments right from your wrist. With watchOS 2, you can now make purchases with your Discover card or store credit cards, like Kohl’s Charge. You can also add rewards cards, like Walgreens Balance Rewards and Dunkin’ Donuts DD Perks, and receive and redeem rewards using Apple Pay.

Ask Siri to do more for you.

Siri is now an even more versatile personal assistant. You can use your voice to do things like start a specific workout, check your Glances, get transit information, look up a word in the dictionary, and calculate a tip.

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