VR Desktop brings Virtual Workspace to macOS

Cindoir today released VR Desktop, with VR Desktop for Mac you can work in a Oculus powered (other headsets supported in the future) virtual workspace on your Mac.

VR Desktop for Mac app costs $19.99, but there is a free trial available at the website before purchasing. Oculus Rift Development Kit 2 and macOS 10.11 or higher.

Experience macOS in Virtual Reality

VR Desktop is an app for Mac that enables you to use a VR headset such as the Oculus Rift to interact with macOS in a Virtual Desktop Environment.

With VR Desktop, users can work, game, or otherwise interact with their Mac while using a VR headset. You can load up custom virtual environments such as a Desk or Space scene, and create virtual screens for maximising productivity.

There’s been many naysayers ruling out Mac as a VR platform. We’re here to prove that Macs are capable of useful VR applications. VR Desktop works on modern Macs with discrete graphics cards.

VR Desktop is compatible with Oculus Rift DK2 and macOS 10.11 and later.
We are targeting Oculus Rift CV1 and HTC Vive support as soon as those devices support the Mac platform. Our sources tells us that HTC will be adding Mac support for Vive in Q1/Q2.


ht / 9to5Mac

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5 thoughts on “VR Desktop brings Virtual Workspace to macOS

  1. Don Reply

    Mac as a VR platform? Well this is different. We’ll see how it pans out.

  2. Nate Andrada Reply

    I never doubt that Mac can be a great VR platform. The VR desktop is definitely worth a try.

  3. Colbie Reply

    VR Desktop looks so cool! I wish I own a Mac so I can see how it works.

  4. Mico Robin Reply

    Virtual reality in Mac? I have not use Mac but what about windows? I think VR in windows are more beneficial that it is with Nac. Just an opinion.

  5. Kath Reply

    If it’s something this cool, Apple won’t let it slip past its fingers! They’ve been always the epitome of innovation. VR is the future and I reckon Apple has already a roadmap in place.

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