Useful Subscription Services

Recently launched tech forum Ask Product Hunt had the following question posted:

What subscription services do you pay for and why?

Here is a short list of some of the top voted subscription services:

Spotify topped the list for obvious reasons. As of yesterday, they boasted a statistic of over 700,000 songs streamed a day.

Netflix was a close second, and their continually growing library of original content definitely puts them on my list of subscriptions.

Two password managers, one for mobile and desktops, topped the list with 1Password and LastPass.

The list has some more interesting finds towards the bottom with products like Headspace (meditation app),  Zapier (web app automation), Todoist (to-do lists),  and some powerful VPN’s.

It’s always refreshing to get a look at the tools and services others are using, and many even have a trial period to see how they fit into both your workflow and lifestyle.

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