The Key to Cyber Security

111 year old Austrian Hotel, Romantik Seehotel Jaegerwirt, has opted for a new, hack proof technology after a recent ransomware attack on their key card system.

That technology? Actual keys.

Hackers were able to hold the hotel ransom, as their front of house computers were encrypted, the same computers that were used to issue new keycards. While the attack did not prevent users from entering or locking their own rooms, it was quite an issue as the hotel, a ski resort, was in the middle of season with many guest bookings.

These attacks have shown up all too often, and it is interesting to see companies revert back to analog solutions for security controls.

I’ve heard talks from our new administration about reverting back to courier systems to prevent sensitive information being digitized. Very interesting to see what other technologies and industries will have to revert to analog solutions.

For more, check out the story here.


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