The Domain Game


Today news broke that ɢoogle dot com and are not the same. Notice that the first “ɢ” looks a little funny? It’s a small caps G meaning- it’s not the normal G. This is an issue for unsuspecting users who have been trained to look at the URL bar to validate a site. Moral of the story is type the domain name yourself if you plan to log in!

How does this work you might ask? I did and I will tell you how. I now own ᴀ ≠ but small caps ᴀ that is: Try it out, it simply links to our site for now.

First, I selected a target name. Thinking of large high profile sites, I picked Then, it was easy to find the unicode letter you need to replace. In my case, A for ᴀ. Encode that in what is called Punycode (Punycode is a way to represent International Domain Names) and simply register the domain with the translated code value.

For me, it was simply a test can I do this? While others might have more nefarious uses.

Google did not respond to a request for comment at the time of posting.

Apple if you read this contact me about the domain I am happy to work with you to get it. matt at

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