Tesla Solar Roof Tiles to begin sales in April 2017

Last year, Tesla a solar roof tiles company announced that they would be releasing new roof tiles that will look like normal roof tiles but have the same features and same efficiency as traditional solar power gathering cells. According to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, these new solar roof tiles will be available for ordering starting April.

Along with Tesla’s electric vehicle operations, the new solar energy generation and storage business is a key aspect for the company as it moves forward with its combined vision. These new solar roof tiles are a way to appeal to various groups whether they be tech enthusiasts, green energy supporters or just ordinary home owners that want to cut back on electricity bills and save some money. These solar roof tiles also add to the value of the property as well as allowing home owners to have more control and freedom with their energy needs.

Tesla has announced that there will be 4 different styles available for the solar tiles and each will resemble the traditional sola panel roofing material styles. Initially, only one or two of the styles will be available for purchase whereas more will roll out afterwards. The best part is that according to a news shared by Musk in November, the price of a new roof with these energy saving solar tiles will be the same as that of a normal roof or even less without factoring in the energy savings!

It’s highly likely that installations of these new solar tiles won’t necessarily start in April but rather Tesla might be opening pre-orders to make queue and then start the installation process at a later date. Volume production is expected to initiate at some time in 2017.

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