So, you’re thinking about getting a new Xbox?

For many console gamers, this question of whether to upgrade or not might be a little problematic. At a price tag of $399.99, the new Xbox One S offers advances on the current One model, but with the upcoming release of Project Scorpio, is it better to hold off?

Let’s recap some of the advantages that One S offers.

Size- One S has reduced its size by 40%, gaining a little more real estate by housing the power supply within the console. If having a smaller footprint on your TV stand is something that appeals to you, then the smaller size might be a justified upgrade.

4K- It’s where TV’s are headed. If you have a new 4K TV and want to take full advantage of those extra pixels. However, ONE S does not display in native 4K resolution, but upscales (be warned if that matters to you). Additionally, ONE S comes with a 4K blu Ray player.

ONE S comes with a few extra goodies, including a new bluetooth controller, and some much needed control over color options.

I would recommend this model if you are a casual gamer, looking to get the best current model of a console. But, for hardcore gamers, I would wait for Scorpio. I will go so far as to say, that if ONE S were able to play 4K native, it would be a formidable competitor for lower level PCMR builds.

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