So You’re New to Overwatch?

So, you’ve heard about Overwatch and are interested to see what all the fuss is about.

Overwatch is the most recent multiplayer online first person shooter that lets you play as various heroes, each with their own particular play style and attacks. Heroes are separated into various styles, including offense, defense, support, and tank. Teams are formed around these types to form an offensive or defensive stand, depending on the game type objective.

Each hero has their own weapons and abilities that change the way every character is played. For instance, McCree (a Cowboy shooter-type) utilizes a gun to assault. He can shoot it regularly in slower, precise shots, or he can utilize his optional discharge to rapidly shoot all his rounds, but with less accuracy. Each character in Overwatch additionally has an Ultimate capacity, which, once charged, can be used to overwhelm everything in the vicinity. McCree’s Ultimate, for instance, permits him to go for each foe in sight, and tackle every one of them, doing substantial harm. The drawback to this Ultimate is that McCree is slowed down during the time it takes to discharge his Ultimate, and if stunned, the Ultimate will end immediately.

Overwatch has three different play objectives- Escort, Assault, and Control. Team’s must come together and have a balance of the different hero types to create a balanced team to achieve the objective. Having too many offensive players, but no support could lead to heroes being inefficient at the point of attach, where healing from a support could com in handy. Overwatch is sure to offer a play style for everyone, and continues to release new maps, characters, and play styles through frequent updates.

Overwatch is accessible on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.



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