Smartphones vs Smartwatches: Which is More Likely to Rule in the Future?

Today, many people have either a smartphone or a smartwatch, and a large number of people have both. They give us a chance to stay connected in addition to offering other unique benefits. Smart technology is constantly evolving, so it’s hard to say what could come next. Here are a few things that could potentially happen with the smartwatch and smartphone industries as they continue to coincide and evolve together.


As the smartphone continues to shape and change, connected devices will likely become even more indispensable in future generations. Many projections for smartphones say that we could use augmented vision to see beyond reality. However, the current incarnation of foldable phones shows that phones are still tangible. Technology has a long way to go before mind-controlled devices become available. One thing is for certain: these phones are constantly changing to meet the needs of the consumer.

Smart Watches

When the smartwatch was first introduced it was a novelty. Today it has not quite caught on as expected, but it serves a purpose for those who need it. Of course, there is no real concept of how far smartwatches can go when it comes to their capability. Many think they will regress and become more simple to provide fewer distractions. Since smartwatches are wearable devices, they can be incredibly distracting, which many people find irritating.

Smartwatches are on their way out as just entertainment items because they are used mainly to monitor health and track biometrics. This keeps them relevant and more unique as opposed to smartphones which are not constantly on the body.

Or Maybe Something Else Entirely?

To go beyond the idea of connected devices and into the world of dystopian futuristic societies, many people think microchips will be implanted into our heads to always stay connected. This would mean constant surveillance and never being without someone else in your head. Another possibility to consider is biometric contact lenses that could see beyond reality with augmented technology. This would create a whole new dimension to the world in terms of advertising and escapism.

There are many ways smartphones and smartwatches coexist today, but it’s still unclear what the future holds for these kinds of devices. It’s impossible to tell exactly which one will most likely rule in the future. Only time will tell how things will evolve with the technology to come.

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