Skinnier Fitbit

Fitbit announced today that their Alta line of wristbands will be getting an update. Alta will now have heart rate tracking. While the style of Alta is endeared by its sleek and skinnier design compared to other Fitbit bands, it lacked in having some of the more popular capabilities that other bands had. The Charge 2 band has been the go to for both size and functionality for the past year, but it looks that the Alta HR will poise itself to challenge that.

Heart rate tracking provides for a more complete view to both amateur and professional health enthusiasts in “tracking all the things”. Whether it’s getting an accurate step count, or determining heart rate zones and calories burn, measuring your health data is the first step in managing it.

Alta HR will employ many of the much loved features of the “smarter” bands including mobile reminders, sleep tracking, and a 7 day battery life.

To learn more about the full set of features, check out the announcement here.

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