Shoot for the Moon!

Elon Musk announced yesterday that SpaceX will send two private citizens in an around the moon mission next year. It is an exciting time to be alive in the shadow of Musk’s benevolent quest for world domination.

The announcement came yesterday afternoon after Musk teased an announcement earlier that day (which was proceeded by the tweet that “Roller coasters are awesome”).

SpaceX will work with NASA and employee their Dragon 2 rocket for the mission. An additional rocket, Falcon Heavy will be in use for additional liftoff thrust. If successful,  it will be the most powerful vehicular craft to reach orbit since the Saturn V.

For updates on SpaceX’s progress and timeline, visit their official page.


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12 thoughts on “Shoot for the Moon!

  1. Martha Reply

    Ooooh sounds exciting! I wonder about the selection process for those two private citizens. Did they go through a rigorous vetting process? Or a raffle perhaps?

  2. Academia Reply

    I took SpaceX classes on EDX and I certainly can’t hide my excitement over this news! Good luck to the fellas chosen for this wonderful trip. Too bad I’m too young to go.

  3. Therese Baguio Reply

    Wow, another mission to the moon happening next year. I love moon mission news because I want to go to the moon too.

  4. Rebi Reply

    Nice mission! Didn’t get much news about planets and moon recently so i think this is gonna be exciting!

  5. Mak Siapno Reply

    This is a big event for next year , Wow moon mission it always amazes me whenever someone or a mission is set for an out of space adventure .

  6. Maury Cheskes Reply

    That’s unbelievable!! They’re taking two regular citizens or do they need to have some kinda background with space education? Obviously, they’d need to take some precautionary steps before taking flight.

  7. Saleh Reply

    I wonder why it took us so long to go back to the moon. In the 60s and 70s, it was THE space destination and back then people think that by the 2000s we’ll have a colony there. I hope private companies like SpaceX will make that dream a reality soon.

  8. Mico Robin Reply

    Moon missions? Wow if they can pull it off its amazing. Moon missions are a thing now.

  9. Brooke Reply

    A lot of people would give up a limb just to get to the moon, sure.. but I hope they keep in mind that takeoffs are always a huge risk to take (think of Challenger disaster). We’re at the losing end going up against gravity, after all.

  10. Ron Andrew Reply

    What a time to be alive. 50 years ago, only the fittest have the opportunity to go to space and now random citizen have a chance. And props to Elon, such a great guy.

  11. Benny Reply

    They will send 2 private citizens? Will they pay for that trip? If yes, how much? If not, good for them! Will they undergo some sort of training beforehand? How long will the trip last? What countries will those people be from? Sounds awesome!

  12. Mau Reply

    I wish there was more information about this. Like how will these two people be picked?

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