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Our Top 6 Health & Fitness Apps for Apple Watch

Apple Watch ActivityActivity

Stay motivated to sit less, move more, and get some exercise. The three Activity rings monitor your daily activity and let you see it at a glance. And you’ll find it a fun challenge to try to close all three rings every day.

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Apple Watch WorkoutWorkout

During a dedicated cardio session, Apple Watch shows real-time stats such as time, distance, calories, pace, and speed. Choose from popular workouts like running, walking, cycling, and rowing.

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Apple Watch LifesumLifesum

Easily track how much food and water you’ve had during the day. Lifesum gives you feedback following meals to help you pick the right foods and portion sizes for your next meal — it can even tell you which foods to avoid. And throughout the day, it can offer inspirational reminders to keep you moving and motivated.

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Apple Watch Strava


With your iPhone in your pocket, Apple Watch shows your real-time stats like elevation change, average speed, distance, and heart rate during your ride or run. Segment-by-segment updates give you details of your workout to keep you motivated. You’ll receive a trophy when you set a personal record and credit toward completing your Activity rings.

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Apple Watch Lose It!Lose It!

See your daily calorie and nutrient intake in detail, along with your goals for the entire week. So even if you go over budget one day, you’ll be able to stay motivated and on plan. And you can add calories from a meal directly on your watch.

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Apple Watch Runtastic Six PackRuntastic Six Pack

Start a training session and see helpful 3D avatars on your Apple Watch. Check your Glance to see how many reps are left, and adjust your form to make it perfect. Monitor your training plan, level, and schedule.

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