Original iPhone’s no longer work with AT&T

Almost 10 years after it’s June release the original iPhone no longer works with AT&T’s network,  as of Jan 1, 2017 AT&T shutdown it’s 2G network to make the spectrum available for expanded LTE and future 5G expansion.

This shutdown has relatively no effect on today’s iPhone owners, however it did cause some issues for the SFBay area Muni system:

As reported earlier on Thursday by SFBay, the NextBus system called NextMuni in The City, has been experiencing technical difficulties since Wednesday on predicting accurate arrival times of Muni buses and trains ….

….The transit agency has been going through an upgrade with the NextMuni system. The system uses AT&T’s wireless cellphone network to transmit the data to the NextMuni screens.

Data had been transmitting through NextMuni using a 2G network, which AT&T had deactivated because the technology is now outdated.

More: https://sfbay.ca/2017/01/06/muni-nextbus-outage-could-stretch-for-weeks/

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