Nvidia Releases Titan XP and macOS Pascal Drivers

Nvidia has announced the release of its newest high-end graphic card, the new Nvidia Titan XP.

This new high-end, Titan XP, is also being called as the most powerful and advanced graphic card yet. This new graphic card boasts of 12GB of GDDR5X memory running at 11.4 GB/s, 3,840 CUDA cores running at 1.6GHz, and 12 TFLOPS of processing power.  Now this is impressive.

The new Titan XP card is priced at $1200, and the feature that makes it unique is that for the first time Nvidia has told us that the Titan will be available for Mac user’s as well, with updated Pascal beta drivers that are to be released during April.

A few days back, Apple spoke of plans for future high-end Mac Pro machines which will feature better graphic capabilities. Hence, ultra high-end cards like Titan XP offering support is a promising sign. It may happen that Titan XP could be used as well with older Mac Pros machines and Hackintosh machines.

“For the first time, this gives Mac users access to the immense horsepower delivered by our award-winning Pascal-powered GPUs.”

Built in a die-cast aluminum body, the Titan XP possesses the vapor chamber cooler technology. As told by Nvidia, this new graphic card offers more than three times faster performance than the earlier generation of graphic cards, plus: it includes support for the “next gen VR experience”.

The Titan XP is available for purchase on the Nvidia website.

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