Nokia: the Return

Nokia is relaunching (rebranding? re-releasing?) their popular 3310 model phone. A phone lauded for it’s durability and super strength powers is getting an upgrade for 2017.  Although not quite up to typical smart phone standards (the phone will have a color screen and camera, but will not have modern features like a touch screen or 3G), the phone is being met with positive excitement.

It definitely would take an icon to reboot a device like the 3310, and Nokia is in an interesting position to provide a phone that will play on users nostalgia and appreciation for durability. This device might even spark an uprising to embrace the simplicity of an affordable and useful “dumb phone”. In a day and age where the line blurs between phone and “device that does more things than actually call people” having an actual phone in the marketplace could be a breath of fresh air.

Oh, and I hate that I even have to mention this but.


See the full list of specs here.

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9 thoughts on “Nokia: the Return

  1. Clarice Reply

    Yay! I am so happy about this. The Nokia 3310 was iconic. I’m sure many people (myself included) are waiting for its official release.

  2. Therese Baguio Reply

    I am thrilled for the release of Nokia 3310 this year. I’m sure a lot of people are waiting for its release too. Best of all, I’m excited to see the addictive Snake again.

  3. Angelo Reply

    I will definitely buy this phone if it will be made available in the market already. I owned one before, the classic 3310 and I can say that it is very durable and has long battery life, and of course, the renowned snake game.

  4. Mak Lee Reply

    I remembered how i was super addicted with Nokia’s Snake game I had a 3310 back when i was in High School , It made me popular then for owning 1 haha , I cant wait to purchased this when it’ll be available on the market .

  5. Rebi Reply

    I like this model. The design is very cute. Not bad to buy this phone for sms purposes.

  6. Doreen Reply

    Oh I remember the glory days of Nokia in the late 90s. I had a 5110, 3210 and a 3310. After which I tried Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Samsung, etc. I hope this will be the rebirth of a beloved brand.

  7. Mico Robin Reply

    I could use this phone. Gets the job done while not attracting attention.

  8. Adrian F Reply

    The new 3310 gets a camera and a colored screen. Snake gets a 3D remake, too.

    It feels like the old 3310 but it doesn’t look like it. The durability is an interesting aspect I’d like to see, though.

  9. Raphael Fabella Reply

    Now this is a phone for people that want to communicate with others without any of the flash that most smartphones show off nowadays. It’s cheap price makes it a wonderful phone for people to start off with( though most kids and teenagers wouldn’t want a phone like this) and of course, it’s a Nokia, it won’t break easily.

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