Next Apple Watch to support LTE

According to an article from, Christopher Rolland a semiconductor analyst who supplies parts to Apple has share some new info regarding the new upcoming Apple Watch & iPhone devices. According to the article, the information was shared when Christopher Rolland was taking a trip through Asia to converse with various parties involved in the supply chain.

According to the new information the new version of the Apple Watch will have a cellular modem chip, to remove the need to connect the watch to the phone. On this matter Christopher Rolland said that “We understand a model of the next Apple watch will include a SIM card, and therefore is likely to support LTE. We understand some issues remain, including battery life and form factor size, but significant progress has been made. Apple may be employing VOIP and data across a CAT-M1 connection for superior battery life. Apple will tout interoperability with the company’s AirPods (now on back order till May) to make and receive phone calls (perhaps a small win for Maxim with amps in each ear bud). Positive QCOM, MXIM.”

As far as the iPhone is concerned, Rolland said that Apple might be looking to remove its light Lightning Cable port altogether for the USB-C which is an industry standard. The new changes to the IPhone might roll out with the 2018 version. Rolland also shared some additional information about the upcoming iPhone releases:

“We understand there are three versions: 4.7” iPhone7s, 5.5” iPhone7s Plus and 5.8” OLED iPhone 8 with all three versions offering wireless charging (AVGO). Pegatron and Foxconn will manufacture the transmit pads. However, there is some skepticism regarding charging efficiency as it may take 3 hours to receive a full charge. While we do expect the elimination of the home button, some in the supply chain believe the spec may be in limbo as Apple has had some technical issues validating the technology. USB Type-C did not replace the lightning jack in this version, but is in serious consideration for next year’s model. Contacts believe Apple may be creating an interoperable hybrid that mixes the best of both technologies. We also understand the OLED version may host an unusual L-shaped battery, which would allow Apple greater flexibly in design. Manufacturing of the two iPhone 7S handsets will begin in June, but the iPhone 8 version is not expected to begin until two months later. We expect all three phones to be announced during Apple’s September presentation. Positive AVGO.”


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