Newly Added Netflix Features

Netflix added a few interesting features last week, looking to improve the user experience of both binge watchers, as well as better taste ranking.

A “Skip Intro” button has been added to the playbar, allowing users to skip the intro of a show and get right into an episode. This button has spawned from a slightly hidden feature that binge watchers have enjoyed, as Netflix automatically skips the intro on multi episode viewers. The added button¬†gives you back that much needed minute (which could add up on a given weekend).

Additionally, Netflix is swapping out their ranking system to be more indicative of user preferences. The 5 star system will now be replaced by a “thumbs up/ down” system, allowing users to become more precise across granular categories. Personalizing viewing profiles across different genres should improve in the coming months, per a few A/B testing that Netflix has already ran.

Learn more about the new ranking system here.


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