New iPhone losing Lightning Connector for USB-C

We’ve all read about rumors for the iPhone 8, today the Wall Street Journal posted a new set of rumors (paywall). One caught the eye of most readers “USB-C” the post cites “People familiar with Apple’s plans” in saying:

They said Apple would introduce other updates including a USB-C port for the power cord and other peripheral devices instead of the company’s original Lightning connector. The models would also do away with a physical home button, they said. Those updates would give the iPhone features already available on other smartphones.

This would be a huge deal, as there are countless peripheral devices built with the iPhone signature lightning connector, with that in mind I would take this rumor with a grain of salt, personally I don’t see this happening.

The post also suggest the iPhone 8 will gain a curved OLED screen:

People with direct knowledge of Apple’s production plans said the Cupertino, Calif., company has decided to go ahead with the technology, and it will release a phone model using the OLED screens this year.

An Apple spokeswoman declined to comment.

The technology allows manufacturers to bend screens in ways they couldn’t previously—such as by introducing a curve at the edge of the phone as in some Samsung models. However, once the phone is manufactured, the OLED screen can’t be bent or folded by the user, at least with current technology.

Using OLED displays would allow Apple to introduce a phone with a new look to fuel sales.

Regardless, the iPhone 8 has our attention being the 10th anniversary model we hope it will hold something special, perhaps like the 20th Anniversary Mac did.


Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh. – All About Apple museum

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10 thoughts on “New iPhone losing Lightning Connector for USB-C

  1. Cornell Reply

    The lightning port for iPhones wasn’t a good decision. If they use USB-C, then it will also be in line with their Macs using USB-C. Also that touch bar on the new Macbook Pro is a preview. If feedback is good, then they will incorporate it to the new iPhones.

  2. Grant Reply

    I don’t own an iPhone so I don’t really get the hype around it. Android has better features and is much more affordable. I would choose an Android phone over an iPhone any damn day.

  3. Angelo Reply

    For me personally, I also don’t own an iphone as I am comfortable using my android phone as it has better features than iphone on a much cheaper price. However, it is one of my dream to own one, especially that iphone is having new advancements in its latest upcoming model, the Iphone 8.

  4. Maury Cheskes Reply

    Bendable screen! Righteous! It’d be great if they made an I-Phone that could pack as many songs as the I-Pod classic. Ten years ago, no one would have thought that a music device that small could fit so many songs inside. I feel like the technology is possible and it would really generate a lot of sells.

  5. Mico Robin Reply

    I do not have I phone nor do I plan to have one. Call me weird but even if I can use touch screen. It never grew on me. I still prefer keypads. Nothing beats the feeling of pushing something as suppose to swiping.

  6. Rebi Reply

    I still like the home button. I’m used to it so basically removing it, I don’t know if i would still plan buying one.

  7. Therese Baguio Reply

    I don’t like the new features mentioned especially the removal of the home button. Let’s just all wait for the iPhone 8 model to come out before judging it.

  8. wilfredh Reply

    Apple always changing the connector on the iPhones make good business sense, sure. However, it makes it all the more confusing getting a replacement power cord in case you lose yours. Not cool.

  9. Ron Andrew Reply

    RIP home button. But the OLED feature seems really enticing. Let’s just wait for the final specs.

  10. Benny Reply

    Do away with the physical home button? Well I say, don’t mess with something if it ain’t broken… The formula works so why change it? Remember what Microsoft did to Windows 8? I’d rather they focus on making the phone tougher or make the batteries last longer…

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