Apple Hello Again

[LIVE] Apple “Hello Again” Event Coverage

Live coverage of the “Hello Again” Apple Event for Oct, 27th 2016 10am PDT.

Apple "Hello Again" Event

Live broadcasting started on 27/10/2016 16:48 and was finished on 27/10/2016 18:44

18:23 pm We will have a full round up later.
18:23 pm Looks like thats all folks! Thanks for reading!
18:21 pm Back to Tim Cook for a wrap up.
18:20 pm
New MacBook Pro Pricing.
18:19 pm
New MacBook Pro Specs
18:15 pm Video showing Jony Ive talking about the design of the new MacBook Pro.
18:09 pm
djay Pro demo.
18:03 pm Adobe showing off Photoshop demo.
18:00 pm Final Cut Pro demo.
17:56 pm
2 5k LG monitors with on 15 inch MacBook Pro.

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