Laws and Ethics Can’t Keep Pace with Technology

The impact of new technology on our lives has outpaced the rate at which our laws can address our protection and concerns. It’s not that we have lost sight of human ethics and morals, it’s just that we have become starry-eyed over each new piece of technology that helps to better our lives. However, legal advocates are becoming increasingly vocal about taking a step back and reconsidering our actions regarding technology on a broader scale. Here are several aspects of technology where we should re-examine the issues that are emerging.

Sharing Your Child’s Childhood

It is only natural to want to share your child’s every step; however, sometimes sharing too much on social media can come at a cost and may even put your child in danger. Children would not think to disagree when their parents publish embarrassing photos. However, nude bath time photos should probably just stay at home instead of being published to all your friends. Photos with location tags and identifiers may even attract dangerous people to your house, local school, community, and after-school programs. Your posts may even impact your child years down the road, especially if your child ends up working as a public figure.

Invasion of Privacy

Invasion of privacy has always been a huge concern, especially when devices are becoming smaller and smaller, and data gathering can be done more inconspicuously. With consumer drones, small cameras, and vloggers actively filming in public areas, people may feel that users lack etiquette and that the current law does not adequately address invasion-of-privacy concerns. Ever-smaller cameras are making it harder to guarantee that private spaces will remain private.

Human Enhancements

Human enhancements are generally categorized as biomedical devices that can greatly improve human capabilities. For example, small devices can help to improve your mood, boost hormones to keep you young or supply brain-enhancement drugs to improve concentration. With these enhancements come a new host of issues such as classifications of superior and inferior human beings, changes to the definition of a human being, and concerns about the extent of control that we have over our actions. Can we blame the technology if we commit something unlawful while using the technology?

Technology’s rapid development has made us realize that technology can significantly aid our daily lives. And, indeed, we can no longer live without some of our everyday gadgets. Some of the emerging issues have a broader scope than a simple lack of consideration, and they require policies and regulations. Either way, new technology is developing at an exciting rate that impacts everybody on some level.

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