Is it worth it?

So, you are thinking about getting a Google Pixel?

I have to say, I’m impressed. I’m impressed with the branding, the terrific commercials, attention to detail, and competitiveness that this phone brings to the table. But- should it be the next phone that you buy?

I feel that Pixel takes some body blows to the iPhone in a few areas. Pixel ships with Android Nougat 7.1, and is versatile enough to provide customization to suite each user’s needs and configurations. On top of the phone being visually appealing, your operating system can be as well.

Pixel touts itself as having the highest rated smartphone camera ever, which is a huge selling point for the new iPhone 7. From the samples I have seen, the quality is absolutely stunning.

Another proponent of the G Suite, is the strong artificial intelligence service afforded through built in Google Assistant. In this aspect, I feel that Google has a larger pool of data and insights, just from the sheer breadth of information that they deal with every day. I am one of those people who can never trust Apple Maps and always opt for Google Maps when I can (and thanks to iOS10 I might have deleted Apple Maps- eek!). I’m hoping to have similar experiences with the Assistant if this is any indicator for where things are headed.

However, many of these specs have yet to have a good test run, and while they look tremendous on paper, we will have to have some real world feedback to prove their usefulness. Apple still does so many things so well (native interface, branding, support), but it is refreshing to have a new face in the game- and a big one as well.

Honestly, if this phone was half the price of an iPhone, I would heavily consider it. I am a heavy user of Google Apps (now G Suite), and like having a device that is built around those tools.


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