Ad Blockers on iOS 9

iOS 9 and Ad Blocker’s

As you know, people cannot help but feel annoyed whenever ads pop up on their screen and stop whatever they’re doing. Now with ad blocker apps on iOS 9 you can block these ads from taking over.

Ad blocker apps are now taking over the top charts on the App Store. In fact, they are taking the app store by storm because of their ability to save users data usage some say by 50% and make surfing even faster. Even the newly released iOS 9 allows major ad blocker apps to effectively work with their operating system in order to block images, content or both. To know the top 3 ad blocker apps in today’s market, read below:


CrystalCrystal. Crystal is an ad blocking app so that you can browse faster and smoother in Safari. Without any interruption on the side, above or at the center, it makes mobile web as a great experience. Designed for iPad and iPhone devices, this app blocks adverts, making you improve your phone speed, data use and its battery life. The app can be directly installed into Safari. After which, it should be activated. Once it’s active, you can now browse peacefully without having interruptions. (App Store Link)



PurifyPurify Blocker. It is your right to experience fast and clutter-free web browsing. But because of the uncontrollable ads popping out in your phone, you cannot help but get annoyed. If you’re using Safari as your default browsing tool on your iOS phone, you now have the power to block such ads through Purify Blocker. It is said as the fastest and simplest premium native blocker for Safari. Purify seamlessly works with Safari with no tracking and no ads. There are lots of things to like about this blocker app. (App Store Link) Among which include:

  • Makes your browsing speed instantly faster
  • Restores your precious, clutter-free screen previously taken by junk
  • Reduces your cellular and Wi-Fi data consumption by up to fifty percent
  • Provides privacy. It never sees or intercepts any of your traffic


BlockrBlockr. As a modern content blocker for Safari in the newly released iOS 9, what this app does is to block that web content which annoys you. Aside from being an ad blocker, this app is also a media blocker and privacy protector. It conceals social buttons and impedes cookie warnings and cookies. The best features which people like about the app include: (App Store Link)

  • Removes annoying images, ads, cookie warnings or social buttons in Safari
  • Manages the whitelist entries for any page if you like to disable a blocker for it
  • Protects your privacy through blocking cookies and tracking techniques on specific pages
  • Keeps data usage faster and loads your favorite web pages
  • Automatically updates to keep ahead in the fast-changing environment of the web

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