Introducing Onewheel+

We’ve all seen the Onewheel either via Facebook, or maybe Adam Savage himself well the team at Future Motion is back with a new improved version Onewheel+ shipping now (new orders ship April 2017). You can also pick up a Onewheel v1 on Amazon Prime today.

This is what the press release says about the new version:

Onewheel, the much-loved transportation/recreation product gets a major upgrade for 2017 with a new premium model called Onewheel+.

Onewheel+ features a newly redesigned motor with breakthrough, patented Hypercore technology that provides even smoother, quieter riding, more torque at all speeds, better hill-climbing and higher top speeds up to 19 MPH. Also new for Onewheel+, Surestance footpads combine CNC-machined hardwood tip and tail kick with 100% sensor coverage making it easier to learn and more comfortable to ride. New Digital Shaping 2.0 offers advanced customization, enabling riders to select different ride feel and performance characteristics from the Onewheel app.

“People are using Onewheel in all kinds of ways we never imagined” says Onewheel Inventor and Future Motion CEO Kyle Doerksen. “Based on what we’ve learned so far, we’ve made Onewheel+ a significantly more refined, more capable product that’s approachable for first-timers and delivers progression for advanced riders.”

“It’s a whole new ballgame” says Jack Mudd, Onewheel Chief Evangelist, “The comfort, control and confidence of Onewheel+ is going to unleash a whole new wave of both using Onewheel to go places (with it’s higher top speed) but also riding features and terrain that was previously impossible. It really is next level.”

Since launching at CES in 2014, riders around the world have come to enjoy Onewheel’s intuitive control, powder snowboarding-like ride feel and effortless ability to ride both on and off-road. Unique in its support from both tech enthusiasts like Adam Savage and the best pro riders in the world including Olympic gold medalist Jamie Anderson, Onewheel+ pushes the performance envelope while greatly improving ridability and practicality.

Onewheel® products are made in the USA, and are available at and through specialty retailers. The Onewheel+ and Ultracharger can be ordered now for February delivery for $1,499 (+shipping, tax and duty), and in European retailers for €1,699.

Needless to say it looks great, we’ve heard nothing but good from the first version so we can’t wait to check out the new one.

We have attempted to gain access to a Onewheel unit for a review we will let you know if this happens.

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