How to Use Tech to Become More Physically Active

It’s easier to manage progress in health endeavors when you monitor your activity level. If you set a new health goal, you should track your physical activity so that you know for sure what your progress looks like. Luckily, technology exists that makes tracking your progress simple.


If you want to track your physical exertion all day long, a wearable may work well for you. Fitbits and Apple watches are worn on your person and let you know how many steps you’ve taken throughout the day. They can also let you know how much you stand versus how much you sit, and they serve as a constant motivator when it comes to moving. Wearables are perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to have to remember to constantly track their movement. Simply wearing your device ensures your progress is tracked and reported to you in real time.


A smartphone gives you access to apps that are built to help you keep up with your health. Many smartphones have apps that track your steps or other physical activity and can help you work toward goals and challenges you have set for yourself. For example, there are apps available that will tell you how many miles you walked and how many calories you burned while doing so. Other apps integrate both food intake and physical output. Simply opening the app and recording your information or having your phone on you while you work out is enough to track your progress. There are also apps that are made specifically for certain goals, such as training for a 5K. Choose the app that works best for your needs.

Using a Computer

Those who are turned off by the mobile approach can always use a computer to make their own spreadsheet tracker. Using this spreadsheet, you can input your physical activity daily and track the progress you have made towards your goal. This method requires discipline, as nothing is tracked automatically for you. You’ll have to have the self-discipline to remind yourself to track every single workout for a true reflection of progress. To see improvements, go back on your own and look at past data. You won’t immediately know where you stand when it comes to your activity level, but if you’re not super tech-savvy, this could be a simpler tracking option for you.

Keeping track of your health isn’t something that a lot of people love to do, but thankfully technology can make it easier. This can make your goals easier to accomplish and to track your progress. Whether you use a smartwatch, a smartphone, or a computer, using technology to track your fitness can be enough of a motivator to achieve your goals.


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