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How to stop Apple Music from auto-renewing

So you have had a 3 month trial of Apple Music (for many of you that ends tomorrow Sept 30th), This is how to stop the auto renewal if you don’t want to keep Apple Music.

  1. Open the iTunes App on your iPhone/iPad. (Link for iOS)iTunes

  2. At the bottom you will see either a “View Account” or an “Apple ID” button, click here, sign-in as needed, and click “View Apple ID”Apple ID Sign In
  3. Scroll down just a little to view “Subscriptions” and click “Manage”
  4. Select “Your Membership Apple Music Membership”.
    Apple Music Membership
  5. Turn off the Automatic Renewal.
  6. Simply confirm your selection and you are no longer going to renew your subscription.End Automatic Renewal

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