How to Protect Your Business From Cyber Crimes

While cybercriminals have been making big headlines, many business owners aren’t taking the right steps to protect their assets. Some haven’t even changed any of their habits. Fortunately, a few simple steps may be all you need to considerably improve your business’ current security position.

Cyber Extortion

There are two main forms of cyber extortion that criminals use to get money out of innocent businesses. The first is the traditional ransomware attack. In this type of attack, a malevolent code seizes control of a host computer and encrypts all files stored on any drives attached to it.

While this kind of attack is normally foiled by malware scanners, the risk of a disgruntled employee situation is much greater than any online malady. People with the proper security clearances could mess with machines they have otherwise legitimate access to. In order to protect yourself from cyber extortion you must protect important data and information, have a recovery plan in the event your company is attacked, and run background checks on all employees. If a background check shows any irregularities, then you’ll want to treat this as a red flag.

Digital Vandalism

Just like in the physical world, there are vandals online who seek to cause trouble by virtually tagging sites and messing up images or text you’ve uploaded. It’s important that you set solid administrator passwords for any e-commerce sites or blogs your company maintains. This can help to drastically reduce the risk of an unauthorized person gaining control of one of your resources.

Updating all of your company’s browser software should also help considerably. You may remember when a critical iTerm update significantly improved security on OS X devices. Simply installing these updates can keep vandals out of your system.

Zip Bombs

Many business owners trade compressed folders with clients, but security researchers have been able to create so-called zip bombs that include so much phony data they could fill up your computer almost instantly.

This is especially concerning for users of mobile devices with a fairly limited amount of onboard storage since you could cause them to break down simply by opening what appears to be an archive full of important documents. Fortunately, protecting yourself against this kind of attack is easy. Simply make sure to scan every zip file you get before opening it.

Security researchers are hard at work developing new technologies that can help to protect your business against cyber threats. All it takes is a few minutes each week to apply these fixes and improve your security position exponentially.

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