How Technology Is Making the Lives of Truck Drivers Better

While truck driving is getting safer, there is no question that truck accidents remain a major danger for truck drivers and those who share the road with them. Thankfully, as technology advances, drivers are becoming safer. Here’s a look at how technology is making the lives of truck drivers better, and what truck drivers can do to adapt to technological changes.

Improves Safety

Rear-view cameras and blind-spot detectors are just two examples of technology that can ensure drivers stay safe on the road. Fortunately, it’s also now easier than ever to determine what roads you can and cannot drive on, as GPS technology can provide this information in an easily viewable manner. Additionally, electronic logging devices provide a greater amount of real-time information to dispatchers and keep better record of their hours of service to help keep drivers more rested and aware as they’re out on the road. This is important, as many federal and state agencies are cracking down on drivers spending too much time on the road.

Easier to Find Jobs

Technology and phone apps have made it easier than ever to find jobs and assignments. Given the seemingly unending truck driver shortage, it is now easier than ever to find assignments that fit a driver’s lifestyle. Many of these assignments are now available via apps or websites which are linked directly into a company’s databases. This means that the information is updated to the second. Furthermore, it is usually sortable by a variety of characteristics of your choosing (total distance, pay, time away), thus making it easier for drivers to pick an assignment that best fits their lifestyle.

Provides Legal Protection

Thanks to technological advances, questions about the causes of accidents or whether or not a driver is spending too much time on the road are no longer left up to chance. Logs, dash cameras, and GPS systems can all prove (or disprove) a driver’s claim about what happened with an accident. If a driver cuts you off and causes a major wreck, their irresponsible behavior can be captured by your camera and determined to be the cause of an accident.

There is no question about it: technology can be a huge asset to truck drivers. It can provide protection from nefarious drivers, find assignments and help keep you safe. Drivers should do whatever they can to work with their employers or appropriate vendors to buy the necessary equipment to keep them safe on the road.

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