How Modern Technology is Keeping Our Teens Safer

You might have heard it on the news a time or two: Teenagers involved in a car crash after being distracted or teenagers’ school grades suffering due to the overuse of social media. The list goes on and on after that. Understandably, parents may be fearful of allowing their kids to be a part of the digital society. However, there are ways to allow your teens to live their lives and protect them in the process. Here are different ways technology can help parents keep their teens safe.

Mobile Safety Apps

Thankfully, innovations in technology have provided parents with a plethora of mobile apps to protect their teens. Although teens are in danger of speaking with the wrong person online, the fact is that most of the concerns witnessed by parents are that their teens are simply using their phones way too much. In fact, according to the West Virginia Education Association, teens spend an average of nine hours a day on their phones. This can lead to procrastination and, eventually, a slip in their report card. It is recommended that you speak with your children first about the importance of setting time for their phone and time for their schoolwork. If this doesn’t seem to work, you can always employ the following apps. Some very useful apps include OurPact, Kidslox, and Google Family Link. They allow your teens to use their phones for a set period of time. Once that time has been used, the phone automatically shuts off or notifies you.

Driving Technology

Handing over your car keys to your teen driver can be one of the most exciting yet frightening experiences for a parent. Although teens are required to go through various forms of training prior to receiving their driving permits, they are often not mature enough yet to strictly adhere to the rules of the road. Thankfully, technology is here to save the day once again. According to Boohoff Law, there is now more driving technology available to help parents supervise their children when they aren’t driving with them. One mutes the speakers on the radio until your teen buckles up and one lets parents access driving reports to help better monitor your teen’s driving habits.

AI & Cyberbullying

According to Enough is Enough, over 87 percent of teenagers have seen or have been the victim of some form of cyberbullying. This issue is one that parents tend to feel helpless about because they can’t control what other people say to their teenagers. Fortunately, through the help of AI or artificial intelligence, software is being developed to deflect and shield teens from cyberbullying. So, how does it do it? When the software is installed into a teen’s phone, tablet or laptop, it can quickly recognize hostile language. This will automatically block it from being seen by your teen and will notify the parent with an alert.

Creating a safer environment for your teenager is very challenging but possible. You don’t want to take away their freedom, but you also don’t want them to suffer physically or emotionally. Parents can look further into these tips to help teens explore safely.

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