Google Releases Uptime a Social YouTube Watching Platform

Ever wanted to make your YouTube video watching experience more social? If yes, you’re in luck, Google’s internal incubator, Area 120 has just released a new app Uptime that allows you to watch YouTube videos with your friends. As of now, the app is only available on the iOS app store but the chances of it soon being ported to the Android Play store are more than likely.

The purpose of Uptime is to share a video watching experience among friends and the process is relatively simple. To get started you need to download the app, sign-in to your google account and connect with friends that are online and that’s it. It’s simple and intuitive as well as allowing users to track the video watching progress of other users by observing the frame on the edges of the video which is marked by the user’s avatar.

The app has a whimsical and playful design that further enhances its appeal. You can also add Facebook Live style emoji’s floating across the video as you watch and comments similar to sound cloud throughout the video to communicate and share the experience with other users. Unlike other Live Video Watching apps such as YouTubeSocial, WeMesh, LiveLead, and AirTime, Uptime is going for a user experience that can be enjoyed alone and then shared with friends. For example, if you watch a video and share it with your friends that will be able to see an emoji reaction or comment at the moment which you made it during the video.

From going through Uptime’s FAQ page, we found that it’s possible to search for YouTube videos from the Uptime app and that it will also help users find friends “based on common connections within Uptime.” However, Uptime does let users watch videos with their friends but it doesn’t let you record or live stream a video through the app. It’s likely that such feature might find their way to Uptime from Google sooner than later.

Grab it here from the App Store.

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