‘Golden Hour’ alerts with Rizon photo app for iOS

Rizon is the easiest way to get access to precise Golden Hour data in the palm of your hand—anywhere in the world. Find the best time to take photos outdoors with your new shooting companion.
Plan the perfect photography shoot in advance for any date in the future by simply rotating Rizon’s clock. You can plan for other locations too! Search and add a custom location—all while offline—great for when you have no data.

Never miss Golden Hour with Rizon’s Repeat Reminders. Choose when you’d like to be reminded and let Rizon do the rest. The set-and-forget style reminders are perfect to keep you motivated to get outside every day. Alternatively, set a Quick Reminder for the next Golden Hour, or get finer control with a custom date.Features:

  • Rotatable 24hr clock face displaying sections of light
  • Golden Hour, Twilight, Daylight, and Moonlight
  • See data for any date in the future
  • Repeat Reminders (set-and-forget)
  • Quick Reminders (one-off)
  • Current and Saved Offline Locations
  • No internet connection required



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