Five iOS Apps to Take Your Image Editing to the Next Level

Editing photos used to be a multi-step process and, a bit of a chore. Gone are the days when you had to plug your camera’s memory card into the computer, fire up Photoshop and fiddle with a multitude of features to make your images pretty. With these five apps, you can take, edit and share your snaps all from your phone, and each offers varying degrees of light or heavy input depending on how much time you have to spend. All are available for under $4 (or for free) on i0S.

Best for Unwanted Item Removal: TouchRetouch

This app has one purpose and it does it wonderfully With a swipe of your finger, you can remove unwanted elements ton-photos, such as a wayward grain next to your beautifully composed salad bowl. The app then figures out what you want removed and replaces it with the surrounding pixels to
easily tidy up your compositions. It often even handles larger elements very well, such as that person who decided to photobomb an otherwise charming snap of you and your best friend.
Price: $1.99.

Best for Filters: VSCO

VSCO allows you to take photos and then choose from an impressive selection of filters, allowing you to stand out from the built in filters that fill Instagram and go for something a little more nuanced. The focus here is on a more analog feel, imitating the aesthetic of classic photography, and also comes with the usual edit and adjust tools we’ve come to expect from mobile image editors.
Price: Free. (with in-app purchases available)

Best for Simple Retouching: Snapseed

This app also features a selection of fun filters like ‘Grunge’ and ‘Glamour Glow’, and is a kind of Photoshop Lite’ which allows you to use tools like auto tune, transform, brush, vignette and healing to fine-tune your
image and remove unpleasant blemishes. It also features a history tool which lets users go back if they’ve got a
little too excited and ruined a photo with too much editing.
Price: Free.

Best for Detailed Retouching: Photoshop Fix

This app comes directly from Adobe, so you know you’re getting a quality app here. Going beyond simple tools, this allows you to use Photoshop’s most useful features to really get stuck into heavy editing, or just use a bit of liquify and healing for a quick re-touch before uploading. The app is beautifully adapted for use on a phone and overall isn’t too complicated to get some great results. It also allows you to send your photos directly to Photoshop
CC on your computer if you decide that you need to do some heavier-duty work on your image.
Price: Free.

Best for Selfies: Facetune

Facetune is focused on selfies, easily giving you blemish-free skin with just a few swipes. As well as removing spots, discoloration and other blemishes, it can also whiten teeth and even change your eye color, if that’s what you’re after. Used on a frill-body photo, it can also make you look thinner and change the proportions and dimensions of your image to make it more flattering overall.
Price: $3.99.


How all of these apps will be useful to you will obviously depend on how much time you want to invest in editing your photos. By mixing and matching some or all of these apps, you can easily get more control over your finished product before you hit the ‘post’ button and share your image with the world. As most people tend to simply use the in-built software on their favorite social media platforms, these tools can give you an edge and help your content stand proudly amongst the crowd.

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