Blackberry is back with a new Android powered phone

After staying off the market for well over a year, Blackberry has come back to life with their signature keyboard smartphone’s than some of us have dearly missed. Blackberry unveiled their brand new physical keyboard sporting smartphone at the Mobile World Congress 2017. The new smartphone is known as the Blackberry KEYone which was also as the Blackberry Mercury while it was being developed.

Many would seem surprised to see that Blackberry is still holding on to their physical keyboard in a market which is mostly denominated by complete touch screen phones but the new Blackberry KEYone just might be able to hold its own. Many people are looking forward to the release of the Blackberry KEYone since it’s the first major Blackberry release since the Chinese company TCL licensed the brand.

The Blackberry KEYone brings Blackberry’s main features and adds a touch screen display alongside the physical keyboard and adding even more touch like features to the keyboard itself. The Blackberry KEYone’s keyboard will act as a touch screen when not being used as a keyboard to help people use it as they would use any normal touch screen to navigate online and through their device. Another thing that caught the people attention was the fingerprint scanner feature which was built into the space bar on the keyboard. Additionally, users can now assign each key on the keyboard with an app which they can run by holding down the key – this is something which we personally loved. For example, you can assign the key “I” with the app Instagram and will have to simply hold the key “I” to launch it.

The Blackberry KEYone will be running the latest Android 7.1 right out of the box but it doesn’t stop just there. Blackberry known its incredibly strong security that is found in no other phone.  The Blackberry KEYone is no exception since it sports Blackberry’s own security software the “DTEK”. With the DTEK software you can make use of Blackberry’s high end security features the way you wish, monitor the security level and adjust the security according to the user’s preferences.

Other noteworthy features include the new feature to run two apps on the touchscreen at the same time and the narrow 4.5-inch LCD with a 3:2 aspect ratio and resolution of 1620 x 1080 fits in a single hand rather comfortably which is a rarity nowadays.

The Blackberry KEYone is clearly not targeted to the everyday user but would greatly appeal to the working class that demand higher security and functionality than style and features. The Blackberry KEYone ships in April with a price tag of $549 – so if you’re someone worried about your security or want to use it for the physical keyboard, then checking the KEYone a shot is definitely worth it.

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