Big Security Flaws

So, what exactly does all this CIA hacking stuff mean?

We try to remain apolitical here at Tech Today, but the leak of the CIA’s hacking capability is of some concern in the tech field for us.

The main takeaway from yesterday’s leak boils down to this- many devices that you thought were unhackable are. This includes cars that have computing capabilities, full operating systems, and smart TV’s. Many in the tech industry had speculated about different extents that private entities accessed information for marketing purposes with some of these devices, but it appears that marketing might be of much smaller concern. The extent to which these capabilities could have malicious intent is unknown, but it does not take one long to imagine.

It’s hard to find the right sentiment of how to feel about this. What is more disturbing? The capabilities that the CIA did not disclose to us? Or that now everyone in the world knows those capabilities and could possibly exploit them?

Or even more disturbing- what capabilities did not get leaked?

Here is a more in-depth, layman’s term of what you need to know.


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