Apple’s First TV Shows Get Trailers

Apple’s first foray into traditionally “TV Shows” will be Planet of the Apps and Carpool Karaoke, this week Apple dropped the trailers to both (below). Each will be released exclusively on Apple Music, and based on comments by Eddie Cue he teased several unique aspects of the show, including a dedicated app that allows you to watch the show in a non-linear format.

I am excited to see where this leads Apple in the future, could Apple attempt to take on the Netflix production powerhouse?

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5 thoughts on “Apple’s First TV Shows Get Trailers

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  2. Nate Andrada Reply

    Apple is going into traditional TV shows? This is news! There must be something uniquely “Apple” in there that makes going to Apple music worth it.

  3. Greta Reply

    The teaser for Carpool Karaoke: The Series looks dope af. Alicia Keys, Will Smith, John Legend, Ariana Grande.. what more can u ask for?

  4. Mico Robin Reply

    Apple is venturing into TV? This is certainly a big news. I just hope that it will be available in Philippine domains.

  5. Mansoor Reply

    Awww Apple is taking on Netflix…but I have a bad feeling about this. This won’t last long. Netflix’s content is topnotch and that’s very hard to beat. Nevertheless, good luck Apple!

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