Apple Watch Nike+ Arrives Friday, Oct 28th

Apple today finally let the other shoe drop so to speak and announced the street date for the anticipated Apple Watch Nike+ Friday October 28th 2016. Nike+ has a long standing partnership with Apple originally starting in 2006 with the “Nike+iPod sports kit” this edition you placed a small sensor inside specified Nike shoes and paired it with your iPod, this allowed you to receive in-ear feedback and track/share your runs on the Nike website.

Apple Watch Nike+

Flash foward to 2016, the Apple Watch Nike+ edition has many over lapping features while expanding the sending abilities a lot, things like target heart rate, and real time GPS tracking to name a few.

Cupertino, California and Beaverton, Oregon — Apple and Nike today announced Apple Watch Nike+ will be available on Friday, October 28. Apple Watch Nike+ combines all of the unique features of Apple Watch Series 2 with the new Nike+ Run Club app for unrivaled motivation to go for a run, guidance from the world’s best coaches and athletes and coaching plans that adapt to your unique schedule and progress. Apple Watch Nike+ also features exclusive Nike Sport Bands and unique watch faces inspired by Nike’s iconic style that can be easily personalized with useful apps like Activity Rings, Heart Rate, Stopwatch and Weather — helping runners stay informed at a glance.

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