Amazon now has a pretty decent credit card

Something caught my eye earlier this week as I saw that Amazon now has a credit card specifically tailored to Prime members. What’s that you ask? A credit card that has 5% cash back on all Amazon purchases? You bet!

As someone who is a frequent and obsessive Amazon Prime user (I would rather order toilet paper than drive the 15 minutes to a local store), the 5% back is quite enticing.

Amazon is a great place for new gadgets (check out Launchpad if you haven’t), and having a card that extends Prime member perks and rewards you for your loyalty is a really great concept. It seems over the years, Amazon has offered more and more opportunities for Prime members to share in the collective good fortune of offerings and services that Amazon has extended to its users.

All in all, the Prime Rewards Card isn’t too bad if you are a frequent Prime shopper, offering 2% back on restaurants, gas stations, and drug stores; as well as 1% back on all other purchases.

Find out more about Prime Rewards Card here.

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