5 Ways to Get Into the Mobile App Development Game

Mobile development is a huge market, especially for new programmers. The need for these tech-savvy developers is on the rise, and it shows no stopping with the mobile phone market continuing to grow. According to cc-sd.edu 100 billion apps have been downloaded, with $30 billion paid to mobile app developers by Apple to date. I have made this list of the best 5 ways to get into this market and become successful!

Attend a Coding Bootcamp

The idea of a coding boot camp may seem daunting to some, but it is an awesome way to jump-start your mobile app development career according to Bits and Behavior. By attending, you have new bullet points on your resume, you learn the latest techniques and tricks, and you begin networking with your fellow developers. Attending a coding boot camp will give you a leg up in the future, and could just be enough to land you a good gig.

Having Qualifications

This one seems so simple, but it is probably the hardest step! Having correct qualifications is one of the biggest things when trying to tap this market. Accredited Schools Online explains, a degree in a development related field or computer science is something most businesses look for when hiring, and without this, the chances of getting a job with a high-ranking app development company are slim to none.

Increase Your Marketing Skills

You may be the best app developer available, but if no one hears about your app, are you really the best? Online courses that are centered around marketing yourself, your products, and your abilities are found everywhere online. Take some of these courses and learn to get your app out there. Having marketing skills can easily increase your success rate in the mobile app game.


Internships are fantastic ways to get your foot into the door with big companies while gaining experience and maybe even some extra dough. freeCodeCamp explains, these internships are great ways to learn the tricks and trades of the market and to begin increasing your networking circle to those that are already in the mobile app development business.

Work on Personal Projects that Interest You

Building a portfolio is something that a lot of newer developers have a hard time with. A great way to build up a portfolio is through working on personal projects that you are interested in. This passion on your own projects will show in the quality of the app and will make your portfolio much better. You can also get inspiration from what is needed in the market at the moment. Try to build an app that you can visualize being used by other people, This might help motivate you. For example, many seniors are benefiting from health tracking tools to assist them in managing their health issues. You can seek to add to these available tools with a mobile app that tackles a specific health issue.


Overall, the app development market is an awesome one to tap into. With so many opportunities, a rising market, and money to be made, it seems like the perfect area for young developers to thrive in. By following the tips, I believe that you can succeed in this awesome field!


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