4 Coolest Ways Your Smartphone Can Be Used With Your Home

In the growing age of home automation devices, many people still underestimate the various remarkable ways you can utilize your smartphone to make managing your home even more efficient. Here are four things you may not already be doing that could save you time, peace of mind, and money:

Temperature Regulation

Most smartphones now have the ability to pair with most home automation devices. Most major tech companies sell smart home kits which include temperature regulation devices that remotely monitor and adjust your air conditioning and heating unit. By simply switching to a home automation thermostat, you can save on both your electricity bill and ease of mind when you are at work or on vacation.

Never Get Locked Out Again

If you’re like the average person who always seems to lose their keys or fumbles with groceries and kids to get into the door, this is most likely the handiest (or “hands-off-est”) device to incorporate into your home. Most door lock systems are relatively easy to install and are linked to an app on your phone. This means both ease of unlocking the door with voice commands to your phone and checking to ensure that it’s locked when you are away from home. Similar devices are also available for garage doors as well.

Smart Plugs for the Win

This is easily one of the coolest ways homes are becoming smarter. Not only can you regulate everyday items like the toaster or slow cooker, but you can tackle more complicated and pesky tasks like Christmas lights with more efficiency. It’s also a great way to make life easier powering down device usage for your children from any room in the house. Just plug in the device and activate essentially any electronics from your phone!

Ditch the Doorbell Ditchers

Tired of wondering who took your package off your front doorstep during the holiday season or want to avoid pesky door to door solicitors? Doorbell cams are storming their way through the technology market for a good reason. Package thieves and late night visitors are now more easily caught thanks to these nifty and discreet doorbell cams. You can also pair this device with your smart plugs and security cameras to ensure any outdoor lights and decorations are correctly functioning when you’re away from home or in bed.

Whether you are away on vacation or simply want a more efficient way of managing your household, there’s no doubt that these home automation devices are one of the best tools out there for making your life easier.

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